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Social Media and its Effect on Cambodian Society

I began my presentation with a warm heart to connect myself with a group of students who were expressing “Really?” when I told them that “I am excited to be here today, not just to share what I have observed the social media evolution in Cambodia, but also I am one of them as a graduate from this school.” This helps to let my audience feels closer and they even dared to interrupt to ask questions and answer to my tricky questions to correlate to my presentation on “Social Media and its Effect on Cambodian Society.” This presentation (which I tried to code it in both Khmer and English language) is built up from my previous presentation but add more flavors that answer to the expectation that students had when I have asked the lecturer who invited me to gather them in advance.

Social Media and Its Effect on Cambodia

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  1. Social Media help Cambodia politic change. It also help everyone to more knowledge and information about real society .

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