Thanks to Lz and Shannon for donation to YNC

Squid Rosenberg: Lz and her mom, Shannon, visited Cambodiain January with kind heart to help Cambodian kids! Squid Rosenberg: I and Shannon at CCHR,after receiving $250 donation from her campaign. I would like to thank to Lz and her mom who were traveling to Cambodia in January, 2008. Before they arrived to Cambodia, they had […]

Thanks Blogher n Techsoup

Though it is a little bit late to say thank to Blogher and Techsoup through Beth who brought me a nice bag and shirt during the 2007-August Clogger summit in Cambodia, it is worth that i say now. I have just started to use Blogher’s bag on Thurday last week after my own bag was […]

Bye and Thank to John and Vidal

Hehehe, when i see your picture, it reminds me the day at the Ramchange Restaurant. I could not help to laugh when Will, Britist Intern, tried to learn how to eat Banchheave in Khmer style , while John was very professional in doing so….Looking at Vidal, he was trying to complete his plate ; he […]