Debt-Ridden Economy Can't Grow

Opinion Letter to the Cambodia DailyPublished on May 16, 2006By: CHAK Sopheap It was good news that the National assembly approved the national development planning strategy for 2006-2010, in which the main objectives are to reduce the poverty rate to fall to 25{ada422a91571c9f32663835004e322394559eff300a971d9698e6f9db6bdae5e} and to lower the unemployment rate to less than four percent. (Development […]

Tribunal Judges Shouldn't need Redemption

Opinion to the Cambodia DailyPublished on May 09, 2006 I was disappointed to read “KR Trial Will Redeem Judges: Spokesman” (Saturday and Sunday, page 3). According to tribunal spokesman, the tribunal will offer Cambodian judges and prosecutors who have been criticized in the past the chance to rebuild their reputation. The spokesman added: “Whatever their […]