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Local Summer Festival_Moegi-en of Japan (August 09 2008)

IUJ students with local Japanese people at Moegi-en, Japan

Japanese kids’s drump performance

It was my great opportunity to be invited by the UMEX (UONUMA Association for Multicultural EXchange) to join the Summer Festival organized by Moegi-en, the nursing and personal care institution for the old aged people. As an international student from Cambodia, I found the Summer Festival was very unique and supportive for the old. The festival setting consisting of dancing and singing performance provided a rich culture and spirit of Japanese people in respecting the old and showed the talent of young Japanese performers. I was so impressed to see how local community could organize such a beneficial gathering—where the smiling faces of the young and the old appeared. In this regard, I could learn how local initiative contributes to social integration and harmony and it should be a good lesson-learnt for Cambodia and other countries. The more we can share and understand one another historical, social, cultural perspective, the more we are able to bridge the gap of misunderstanding and build a better and more tolerant global society, not just from an Asian perspective, but from all global perspective.

IUJ students and UMEX staff

What is Art, anyway?

Art is everything around people’s lives. Compared to life, Art seem to be a breath in which cannot be absent for human being. The way we dress, speak, behave or decorate is the process of how Art works. With art, the life become more wonderful and prosperous; in contrast, the life will be nothing. Can you imagine how the world will be if there is no art? Your response will be contributed to define the word “Art”.

Mr. Pek Sothy

Age: 21

Relation: Friend

Art is an object that makes a society lives with culture and civilization. Every daily activities of human being need art in order to decorate the life. Without art, life means nothing. Therefore, Art is very important for all living things not for human being only. A mountain, for example, still has grass growing over to make it look beautiful or it will be a mountain that others will never have a look on. Also, all kinds of animal have their own art differently.

Mr. Krouch Chheoun

Age: 62.

Relation: Uncle

Art refers to the picture in which reflects the social lives like speaking, dressing, behaving and educating. Art is occurred differently from one society to another society. The different of human being from animal is that there is no art in the animal group. Why? Because art is the creative thinking of humans and the way that animal behaves is from the natural intrinsic. However, it is very simple if there is no art refer to the people personality that view art as a simple thing but it will be very difficult for all those who view art as a crucial thing for their lives.

Ms. Leoun Phalleng

­Age: 32
Relation: Colleague

After having interviewed the three people opinions, there are different views on what art is. In my opinion I define art as “the structure that decorates the world to be strange, powerful, and beautiful. Every day, art plays important role in serving the people’s contribution, involvement, and enjoyment. The life will be sadness or less meaningful if there is no art along with. Therefore, art must be taken attention or focused on more in order to improve the quality of life.”

How about you? let give the floor on definition of art and its benefit.

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taken in front of a shop at Quebec city, Canada, June 16, 2007

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