Local Summer Festival_Moegi-en of Japan (August 09 2008)

IUJ students with local Japanese people at Moegi-en, Japan Japanese kids’s drump performance It was my great opportunity to be invited by the UMEX (UONUMA Association for Multicultural EXchange) to join the Summer Festival organized by Moegi-en, the nursing and personal care institution for the old aged people. As an international student from Cambodia, I… Continue reading Local Summer Festival_Moegi-en of Japan (August 09 2008)

What is Art, anyway?

Art is everything around people?s lives. Compared to life, Art seem to be a breath in which cannot be absent for human being. The way we dress, speak, behave or decorate is the process of how Art works. With art, the life become more wonderful and prosperous; in contrast, the life will be nothing. Can… Continue reading What is Art, anyway?

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Picture Evaluation

( For Fun) 1. Strongly agree 2. Agree 3. Disagree 4. Srongly disagree taken in front of a shop at Quebec city, Canada, June 16, 2007