5 thoughts on “Cambodia: Gender and HIV/AIDs

  1. View the Award winning documentary “House of Numbers” to see why questions about this must be raised, and why deeper issues about HIV and AIDS need to be discussed. Lives are at risk. This is the first documentary,with the worlds
    foremost authorities, that highlights the fundamental problems with HIV
    testing, science, and statistics. It sheds new light on a misunderstood
    phenomenon for which there is still no cure. GO to bit.ly/fhUxaJ – bit.ly/gogKLZ to see the trailer.

  2. @dsinla: Thanks for sharing the link of documentary, it is useful.
    @Sophea: thanks. I would consider you request in future.

  3. Two types of HIV have been characterized: HIV-1 and HIV-2. HIV-1 is the virus that was initially discovered and termed both LAV and HTLV-III. It is more virulent, more infective, and is the cause of the majority of HIV infections globally. The lower infectivity of HIV-2 compared to HIV-1 implies that fewer of those exposed to HIV-2 will be infected per exposure. ;..-;

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