Friday July 20th 2007 Special Event

I was a little bit out of news and contact for while since my sister got married. Before Friday July 20th, it was such a terribly busy and tired day as i was ousted from the room where i used to be with my sister. But now, she needs to replace another one:)…..I had to grab all my study, work, and consumable stuff out of the room as soon as possible to my newly tiny room.

Then on Friday July 20th, the wedding ceremony started. It was a great day while my parents was fearing that there would be rainning as it is rainy season. Luckily, God helped!!! No rain on the wedding’s day but after the wedding, there was a heavy raining…so i could not help to believe the fortune teller who help setting the date <> .

Well, i could not help to feel pity for the couple since they had to do many activities complying to the traditions. From the morning at 4am, they had to be maked up and started the cremony till the night around 10pm…though, they will enjoy their couple life after that

In sum, it was tired but joyful day. There were some funny things occured before the day and after that such my friends was shocked when i handled the wedding’s invitation to them….they thought that it was my wedding:) Some of my friends were teasing me when i am going to be married!!! Some said that i should not wait for the guy to come but i can come to them as it is 2007….hehehe, i strongly agree…and encourage other women to do so:)

ok that’s it for today….enjoy the picture!!! and

here is my sister and her couple

hehe, my dear cute friends….Ramana, Cheata and Pagna..
I was so surprising to see them in a well-dressed!!!

hehe, look at this guy, Nara, DJ. Pheara, Krak, Sopheak and Tyta
They are really great to be drunk!!! chhing chang, shut ur mouth!!!


When is your day comming? Your sister look very happy, so does everyone. I bet your party would be more happier.. haha.


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