Happy Dinner with the best menu

It was a joyful dinner party yesterday after attending a whole-day summit.
Though it was raining, our group consisting of Preetam, Emily, Tharum, David, Pagna, Beth, Virak, and me managed to get on Tuk Tuk to reach the 54 Restaurant. Thanks Tharum who was very talent in bargaining with Tuk-Tuk driver.

Once we arrived there we met other people including the famous guy Phatry Derek Pan, who accompanied by Srey Nim, then Lux, and clogger teams came later. The meat was so good, but it was not good as fried ants which were the best menu for these guys:

Geoff, David, Preetam, and Tharum said:
Please come and try this menu!!!

With David’s persuasion, Beth had a taste too. Then, she tried to pretend that she eat Chicken…! For me, this menu was ok, but once i watched the Animal Planet program which aired at the corner of our table , i started to feel…….

Anyway, It was a wonderful dinner.


The ants were indeed tasty. I must say, the low lighting at the restaurant helped, for I couldn’t see the big red ants I was about to eat…

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