Psychologcial Domestic Violation is invisible???

I was so impressed to see a movie broacasted on Cambodian National TV program on Gender Violation. It reminded me about the presentation on Gender-based violation organized by Equitas, in Canada, where a lady from Rawanda was invited to give her speech on her real rape case by the military officials.

In the movie, produced by Women Media Center NGO, it mentioned about a wife who was physically and psychologically violated by her husband. Though she was just dilivered the baby, she was rapped by her husband. At the meantime, the husband could not listen and feel her pain. Moreover, the husband tried to revenge his wife, who rejected not to sleep with, by bringing a prostitute girl to sleep at the house in front the sick wife. Without bearing more pain, the wife commited suicide, but she was survived by the commune chief and her neigbors. Though, the husband still could not see that he violated his wife’s rigths and denied that he motivated his wife to commit suicide. Also, he claimed to deserve the rights as a husband, while the wife dared to express her feeling that she could not bear the pain anymore. She expressed that she thought that the husband’s action and restriction her not to talk with other people or walk out of the house is a kind of love’s jalous . But now she realized that it is not the case.

From the story, it reveals that most vulnerable women keep burden the rights violation due to the thought that their husband’s action is a love force. At the meantime, it shows that psychological violation is invisible, but severe and longer pain than the physical violation.

The reason i share this story is that:
1. Short TV movie is effective tool to educate villagers.
2. With indirectly hightlight the role of commune chief in preventing domestic violation, it can contribute to good governace.
3. However, it still show that women issue is more often broadcasted by National TV program rather than other civil and political rights. Thought, we should use this opportunity to empower and improve women rights’s situation.
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