What can a picture tell us?

This picture was taken on
July 20, 2006 when the heavy raining made the street in flooding.

With heavy rain for these few days and the street were flooding, i remembered the above picture. Though it was taken since 2006, we still can see the same thing in 2007. What can this picture tell us?

Steve Goodman said a picture is worth more than a thousand words. I agreed with him. This single picture presented a fact of government’s failure in managing the sewage system ( many analysis pointed beyond the fact of filling up the lakes and new constructions blocked the sewage). What more?

The picture showed a comparison of the poor and the rich. At a glance, the Cyclo driver and Landcruiser driver were both protected from raining while the cyclo driver wearing his raining coat. Though, the comfortability is completely different. Does it show another failure of government in reducing poverty?

What else can you tell from this picture?


Are cyclos the “public transportation” in Phonom Penh? Great question and technique of using a picture to generate discussion about an issue.

Who is the photographer?

I think a pile of garbage have been put on the street, it is the cause for blocking the drainage system by washing away by flowing of rain water. New construction building is booming throughout the city but they did not build big drainage system yet. it is duty of municipality to control.

Thanks Beth for raising important questions.

Yes, Cyclos is one of public transportation means. Though it is hardly to survive since people prefer to have Moto Duop or Tuk Tuk.

Photographer: sorry, i could not count the credit to photographer since i selected it from a bunch of pictures of my office which did not give account whom taken.

I strongly agreed with Vutha. Plus, i encourage everyone of us take responsibility to help our city clean: Start from our household waste management:)

Yes… Excellent photo. Next photo will show more landcruisers and maby even a lexus or two ignoring the sun-baked and drenched homeless women holding her child close to her breast to protect it from the water spray caused by the racing luxury vehicles as they rush home to the safety of their villas. A picture is worth a thousand words. Would it not be a better picture if….. Yes, I’m sure you know the answer.

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