Will building more universities help?

Way to help for Job prospect:

Improve Educational System and Set up Internship Programs

I was skeptical to what the educational official claiming to avoid social problems resulting from youth unemployment was to open more private universities (Cambodia Daily, Friday Sep 07 2007, ?Recent Graduates Find Job Prospects Are Bleak?). It means that we only focus on physical infrastructure rather than systems that help improving the students? ability and morality. Even though we have million universities, it would not help to rectify the social problems and reduce unemployment rate if the systems of ignorance and poor quality of education still exists within the universities. The system of teacher-centered is still practiced and there is no mechanism to help envision these students. Most of graduated students even do not know what their specialization is, job market, and their future plan.

Setting up Internship program in university curriculum will help students to experience social works. The Education Department should attempt to cooperate with all universities to improve educational system and provide sufficient vocational training through internship program, so that students are capable to work effectively and efficiently after their completion. Ultimately, the end result is attributing to reduce unemployment and bring economic and social development.


In fact, most of fresh graduates have no job and they are hard to find it as well. it is because the supply of labor market is less than labor demand.

I used to read newspaper reporting about a man jumping from his house it was because he was disappointed not to find job after leaving school. Who is responsible for creating job opportunity for youths?

I’m curious about this situation and thank you for pointing to these resources.

My family is sponsoring a young Cambodian woman at the university as an accounting major. When I met her, I asked about the opportunities for internship. She told me that those opportunities didn’t exist. It also seems like the schools don’t provide training in job skills (resume, interviews, etc). Also, how do graduates find out about and apply for jobs? Is there a system?

In fact, some universities had adopted this system, i mean the internship center where student can consult and do internship within the school or in some case with other institutions which cooperated with the University. Yet it is limited. Though, you are rite. There is still lack of lifeskill training for them where students hardly find the way to access.Therefore, my youth team try to set up program where youth can network together and share their experience.

Beth, can you give me the contact of the lady u support. i think i want to talk to her and find out if i can help since my center is looking for volunteer.

One of the major problems is the lack of scholarly resources in Cambodia. If Cambodian universities could attain the money, they could essentially wire themselves to a large academic archive like JSTOR or the U.S. Library of Congress. Most Western universities have implemented these developments recently, and now students and researchers have access to virtually every academic publication in the last 100 years. The cost for universities, however, is quite high.

If Cambodian universities could embrace such endeavors, they could produce better research and elevate themselves on a more international scholarly level — thus attracting better professors. As it stands now, I have never seen a single Cambodian professor produce any English-language research in ANY serious academic journal. This is a huge problem and demeans the credibility of Cambodian universities.

Who create job?
In developed country, they would encourage ppl to create the job by themselves which mean learn how to do business. Things are different in developing country where government neglects the issues.

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