Bokor National Park Should be Preserved


Referring to recent Articles on the ?Government Authorizes Development in Bokor Park?, Cambodia Daily, Monday, I am deeply concern about natural resource management and environmental protection in Cambodia, once there will be development of palm oil and cassava plantations and livestock farms within the Bokor National Park. These development activities will affect both beauty and quality of land and the environment as well as the national resource over there.

I visited Bokor National Park once and I found this place is a rich natural sightseeing and one of the most attractive tourist destinations regardless its infrastructure is yet improved. It was my first time in my life to see dark forest covered by huge trees and diversified natural combination. I was expecting that this wonderful Bokor National Park would be preserved and included in the government agenda for tourist attraction as Angkor Wat Temple or Sihanouk Ville. Yet, the recent authorization of the government over the commercial plantations to a private company makes this expectation uncertain and doubt the future of Bokor beauty which can contribute much to national income through its tourist zone.

In fact, I strongly support the government plans for country development and recognize the effort of the government in promoting investments for economic growth. However, such development should precede legal means and long-term national interests as stated in article 8 of the 1996 Law on Environmental Protection and Natural Resource Management, which reads: ?The natural resources of the Kingdom of Cambodia, which include land, water, airspace, air [ ?] shall be conserved, developed, and managed and used in a rational and sustainable manner?. I therefore would like to appeal to the government to reinforce this law and ensure that any development projects would not harm to our natural resources.


Hi Sopheap!

I want to know more about this plan. Before we can jump to a conclusion whether it’s good or bad, economically sound or environmentally unsound, I think we should try to get more details information about the plantation at Bokor Natural Park.

I reckon, more independent studies should be done to determine the economic gains Vs environmental costs. I never been to Bokor National Park, but I share the sympathy with the fact that Cambodia is rich in natural beauty and the Cambodians including the government should do its best to protect them and turn them into eco-tourist destination instead of destroying them.

If anyone has more information on the details of the plan, please share with us.

Alex Khun

Yeah, I did visit the mount about 5 years ago. It’s enriched with natural resources and beauty. And for those of you who like cooler whether, it’s the place. You can see and feel the clouds. I read news about couple weeks ago.
Sok Kong will turn this beautiful mount into a golf course. Now one thing I’m sure is that we all have to pay Sok Kong in order to visit the site in the future.

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