Have your say to Kem Sokha?

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Assuming that you have three-minute chance (from now until election in July 28, 2013) to meet with a key leader of opposition Cambodia National Rescue Party (CNRP), Kem Sokha, what is your say toward him? Please give a precise comment as 3 minutes is about 8 to 10 sentences.

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Well these are some questions the Opposite Party should be asked:
1. What is your plan to meet Millennium Development Goals, especially 100{ada422a91571c9f32663835004e322394559eff300a971d9698e6f9db6bdae5e} Primary Education?
2. What is your strategy in Health Development in Cambodia?
3. Who inspired your leadership?
4. How many months, after your party getting into power, do you think you can deliver your promises in increasing worker’s, teacher’s and government staff’s salary and establishing the retirement system?
5. Did you think that people expect your promises to deliver immediately, and if you can’t make the immediate delivery, for sure you can’t, did you have any strategy to handle the chaos that might happen?

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