Have your say to Prime Minister Hun Sen?

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Assuming that you have three-minute chance (from now until election in July 28, 2013) to meet with current Prime Minister, Hun Sen, what is your say toward him? Please give a precise comment as 3 minutes is about 8 to 10 sentences.


In my opinion, i have three reasons to express:
Firstly, i suggest him to improve on law enforce piratical include: international Law as Human Right Declaration, Child Rights Convention, and National Law: Labour Law, there are many cases was posted and claim for a solution, Health Law: poor peoples was diet every days if they don’t have enough money for payment, Land Law: more bad impact of land economic concession.
Secondly, Problems need for solve on by system, for example case in Sihanouk Ville, Court Officers and Authorities was destroy the 49 resident house. PM solve by his declared. The case was solve by systems, how about other case? (Bak Kork)
Thirdly, i propose to Govt if they want to create laws they should invite Authorizes related to this law issues and the victims then ask them what they want? I wonder why law appear in the final days of National Assembly.
In conclusion, i hope they take my opinion to think or to prepare the strategies.
Thanks sis for provide me a great opportunities

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If I had the opportunity to meet the Prime Minister, I would thank him for his efforts in developing the country. I would appreciate him for all his achievement.
I addition, I will explain him social issues happening in Cambodia. Immigration is my first priority.
Finally, I will suggest him to think about retirement from politic, not until he gets 74 years of age. I think new trend in Cambodia is becoming so clear. The majority of Cambodian youth have more education. So, the government propaganda media are of no value for them. Therefore, in order to save his fame and reputation, retirement is the only way to keep respect from citizen from all walks of life.

I would suggest him reduce number of Deputy Prime Minsters, Secretaries, Under-secretaries and other jobless H.E and advisers. He should strengthen Legal systems and promote foreign direct investment. Inform him to care more about economic development NOT too much political strategies !!

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Well three questions, our PM should be asked:
1. What is your plan to meet Millennium Development Goals, especially 100{ada422a91571c9f32663835004e322394559eff300a971d9698e6f9db6bdae5e} Primary Education?
2. Imagine if you are a typical Cambodian citizen are you planing to sell your properties to send your beloved kids/parents to the hospital or watch them die?
3. Who inspired your leadership?

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