Holocust Museum Visit

Holocust museum Visit

museum itself was good. It does play role in (human rights) education. From perspective of Cambodia, where experienced genocide regime during 1970s, I could feel how people suffered from this Holocust. I could hardly believe that the same systematic genocides, which once took placed in Europe was happened again and again in other countries including my country, Cambodia which the same ignorant from international community. It proved already that there was no enough mechanism to prevent this event.

Therefore, it is good that the museum have been established in order to raise awareness on how human dignity and rights respects are needed. However, i feel under expectation since the museum itself seems like a documentation; I had expected that there would be constructions or designs which reflect the past event i feel the museum should conclude with all the genocide events , so that people would understand how one genocide is interacted or took the same model to another one in different countries, but the same root cause: Different political and cultural ideology created discrimination, racism, hatred, and genocide at the end.
Well, here is the picture taken at the museum:

“It is good to learn history,
but it is bad to let history repeat its self”

Unforgettable Memory

These candles represent the number of people
get killed during the holocust (one candle is 1 million persons)

IHRTP participants with one of the survivor of Holocust
(The lady in the middle named Litsley Irvy)

Daniel Roy, Equitas’s Education Specialist, surveyed the feeling and understanding of IHRTP2007 participants on the Holocust museum.

All in all, It was good to Learn To feel and To Remember!!!
But Do Not Let the HISTORY repeated.

Comment from Pia:

Hi Sopheap – great blog!

I agree the museum is a great HR education tool both for adults and children, in that it is a good venue to explain the context, history, and experiences of a people whose rights were violated with interactive tools like dioramas, film, artefacts, photos, even games in some museums, etc?

see you (in our little apartment)!!!

Comment by Pia B ? June 21, 2007

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