Queen Birthday–Trip to Prey Veng

Queen Birthday, June 18 2006, was the national holiday but people were still operating their business. This was the busy Nak Leang Port, at Prey Veng province where we would proceed to a primary school for our community event.

Just the moment i expect that this trip would be wonderful, the 45-seat bus stopped on the main street and everyone wondered what happened. Then the driver came and told us that the bus could get through the small gate. Then our team had to walk about 3km distance to the school. Though we all had to carry the gifts and small trees, i still could see their smiling face and they even had time to chat together on the way.

Ah! it was raining; I realized that I forget to check with fortuneteller?Khmer belief to check for the best day to organize important events by asking the fortuneteller or the monks. Though it was the mixture of joyful as we was welcomed by the kids at Ta Ngok primary school, Preah Sdach district, Prey Veng province.

Then our event was preceded as we had done in previous event by raising awareness to kids about social issues and good morality, and then we ended the program by plating tree as symbol for environment protection and group picture:)

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