King Birthday–Trip to Indigenous Land

Camping and Community Event in Ratanakirri
12-15 May 2007

Bordering Vietnam‘s central Highlands and Laos are the remote province of Ratanakiri, with thickly forested hilly terrain, hilltribe people, and abundant wildlife. Commercial enterprises in the region include logging, gem mining, and rubber plantations.

Over 80{ada422a91571c9f32663835004e322394559eff300a971d9698e6f9db6bdae5e} of Ratanakiri’s population of 72,000 is classified as hilltribe, mainly Jarai, Krunh, Brou, and Tampuan. The 12 ethnic minority groups are collectively called Khmer Loeu (highlanders), a name coined by Sihanouk in the 1940s.. Many also still wear traditional costume – Krung women in sarongs and bare-breasted, Brou women with tattooed faces and ivory tusk earrings in their elongated earlobes.

It was such exciting trip as all participants were looking forward and wish the departure day coming as soon as possible. There, we spent 3 nights and 4 days together with 63 youths to share knowledge as well as to experience the rural livelihood of indigenous community. Different from the camping to Kompong Speu where we spent a night at the top of the mountain, this ratanakirri camping was spent at the Tribal Hotel for security reason and health issue.

During the trip, we had debating session; meeting with CEDAC team; sightseeing; and more importantly, we could visit two schools and met the indigenous people.

Indigenous kids struggling for education…

indigenous people eagered to see the youth’s activities…..

Look, what was he thinking of?….about his future, i guessed.

This is Sreng Sopheap’s school project…he is committed to a better education for his community.

Group picture………hey pagna, what were you thinking of?

Me having a sip of the amazing Rattanaki wine…come and taste with me!
To view pictures of community event, pls click here

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