Senior Project Deadlock!!!

Deadlock is political term, like political deadlock!
Now i used this term with myself.

I do not know what to answer my friends asking how is my senior project for an Economics degree. Once i told them that i am stuck with it, they did not believe me! It is very hard to convince them. They keep thinking i was one of top students in the class. The more they said that to me, i feel even shameful to myself…What can i do if i really feel stuck with it?


  1. it is because that u are outstanding student, and your friends believe in your capability so they ask you!! you can not evaluate yourself but the other can do it, right??

  2. ahaha,
    Thanks Vutha. Now, u also one among them. You are rite that we cannot evaluate ourself but the other can. Though at some point, only ourself who know! who know?:)

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