IHRTP2007–Training in Canada

Where am I now?
08 June 2007

Hi friends,

? I am? currently travelling to Canada for a training on International Human Rigths System. It is such a great opportunity for me to attend this course to which I can learnt the best practice and mechanism, so that I can use it to improve human rigths respect in our nation, Cambodia.

? Traning alone is just the theory. Take it into action will prove such theory. Also, keeping it in oneself is just keeping money under the pillow. We need to utilize and share it for the sake of human resource development. Then, I will share you all how the training is being conducted, what are the lesson-learnt and how we can apply in our nation.

“Sharing Culture”

My training is started

14 June 2007

My training on International Human Rights, invited by EQUITAS, have been started.

The goal of the training is to strenghten the capacity of human rights organizatioin to undertake human rights education efforts aimed at building a universial culture of human rights. There are 8 stream to be covered:

Stream 1: Introduction; Stream 2: Starting from where we are; Stream 3: Buliding a Global Culture of Human Rigths; Stream 4: Seeking common ground; Stream 5: The Global Human Rigths context; Stream 6: Human Rights Standards and Mechanism; Stream 7: Monitoring and advocacy; and Steam 8: Education Evaluation.

There are 166 persons out of which 130 are participants coming from more than 60 countries including South Asia, Southeast Asia, Africa, Middle East, Latin America and Caribean, Central Asia, Canada, and USA.

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