Thanks to Lz and Shannon for donation to YNC

Squid Rosenberg: Lz and her mom, Shannon, visited Cambodia
in January with kind heart to help Cambodian kids!

Squid Rosenberg: I and Shannon at CCHR,
after receiving $250 donation from her campaign.

I would like to thank to Lz and her mom who were traveling to Cambodia in January, 2008. Before they arrived to Cambodia, they had launched a fund raising campaign to help Cambodian kids. They had raised $ 250 to donate to my Youth Network for Change (YNC), a voluntary youth network whose mission is to work closely with rural community to equip disadvantaged Cambodian children with practical knowledge, skills, and goals to make empowering life decision.

Lz is just a young girl but I feel she is mature enough to humanitarian works with her kind committed mom.

Last but least, I would like to thank to Lz and her mom, Beth (who introduce me to Shannon), and to every individual who donated to the Campaign. I am sure YNC will able to organize next event to rural community with this donated fund. We will keep all you updated.

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