The Agony of Cambodian Female Victims of Sex Trafficking and Exploitation

By Sopheap Chak

I first became aware of prostitution in Cambodia when I was 10. On the way home from the Phnom Penh Airport, we drove down Tol Kork Street. I was puzzled to see so many ladies wearing short skirts and heavy make-up. They were standing in front of their small cottages and waving at us. It was explained to me that they were prostitutes. Yet, I became even more puzzled. Why did they choose to become prostitutes? Will I end up like them? Are there other choices?

The word for prostitute in the Cambodian language is, ?Srey Khauch,? or, ?Srey Phaka Meas.? The phrase indicates a bad lady who chooses to earn income by having sex with men. It does not acknowledgement the vulnerability of women to sex trafficking. Yet, the reality is that given a choice, they would not become prostitutes. Events, circumstances, and conditions force women into prostitution, and I prefer to call them victims instead of prostitutes.

The following items will be highlighted in my article:

  • Factors that Make Women Vulnerable to Sex Trafficking and Exploitation
  • The Suffering of Victims of Sex Trafficking
  • Does the Current Economic Crisis make Females More Vulnerable?
  • Hope and Motivation from Anti-sex Trafficking Activists

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Sure, the place is called “Red Houses for prostitutes.” At the present, this area has been developed with flats but i observed that there are a few small wooden houses where is home to prostitutes.

I have no idea of why they choose this career for making income.

If we think deeply, now those girls are finding new place for making money such as Karaoke, night club, bars and well.

The government cannot eliminate prostitutes in Cambodia. What is important is that the government should increase education to all of them.

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