Cambodia: Political Debate on Policies, a Key for Transparency and National Interest

Following from my previous post (in Khmer only however) on what kind of Cambodian politics is that one of my argument was that Cambodian politicians prefer to attack on each other personality rather than on political polices that would bring more benefit to citizen, this 5th mandate election which Cambodia is to vote on 28 July 2013 has brought something new that they deserve some applaud and hopefully this momentum will continue.
I am impressed with some of the right track that Cambodian politicians starts to play now: 1) the government [Apsara authority] has now responded to the opposition by releasing its Angkor Wat revenue data with detail explanation when opposition had said the reported revenue was underestimated 2) the Ministry of Education has reportedly released the table of teachers’ salary to response to opposition party’s claim that teachers’ salary was low and the later party would improve teachers’ salary if they got elected.
I applaud this policy discussion and transparency. It become the interest of citizens when politicians are debating on policies, not personal attack.

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