Cambodia: Risk Management Lessons from the Water Festival Stampede

In Cambodia this is usually the time of year when people talk about how they spent their holidays or happily discuss with friends and colleagues what they did during the Water Festival celebration. This year the tragedy of the Koh Pich Bridge stampede that killed351 and left 395 injured has changed it all. The aftermath of this year?s festival brings no happy memories but only tears and despair. On November 25th there was a day of national mourning for all victims.

Media channels, including TV, radio, and even online social networks, have been used to update news, to call for support, and to express condolences to all victims. Top government officials, civil society organizations, youth networks and individuals came up with a number of initiatives to join together in this time to help and support those hospitalized and the members of victims? families.

While there has been some controversy on how the government should be held accountable for the failure to protect and ensure people?s safety, a number of individuals consider this incident as a tragic accident and a lesson to be learnt rather than an opportunity to point fingers.

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