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Linking from my previous article on Cambodia: Risk Management Lessons from the Water Festival Stampede, the questions of responsibility and accountability as well as fund management to directly benefit the victims of Koh Pich stampede tragedy resulted to nearly 400 deaths and several hundreds injured, and what steps the government will now take to reduce? risks are all very much open.

The initiative of 22/11 Justice Fund by the Cambodian Center for Human Rights is thus seeks to appeal for support from public donations in order to support the effort of the victims and their families in the search of justice and accountability.

Join support and for further detail of the 22/11 Fund Facebook page at

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tony, secretary general of BHM kick me out from the conference just bcoz i wearing pilgrimage cloth during the event. how u can trus him as he himself spoke the lies. told everybody that my name not in the list whereas i already being inform to come to the forum via email. the best, other females also did shameful act by supporting that selfish guy.

u know right, nowadays so many hipocracy. just be carefull. this comment will be sent to whole world in seeking justice. may god bless us, ameen…

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