Life Chapter @IUJ

What is IUJ? ?International University in Jungle? or ?I and U in Jail??
If it is a jail, it is just a jail in Paradise,
if it is a jungle, it is just a jungle of love, friendship, and another great life test!

I do not know how this life chapter began, but this is how it starts:

Two years ago during this time, I was hardly preparing myself to say “GOOD BYE” to my beloved family, colleague, and friends, yet it was an exciting moment to land in Japan, the country that always dream to visit during my childhood.

Temporarily stayed in a small box-size room at Sinjuku Washington Hotel, where the most crowded area i have never seen, I was completely bored and I counted down the day I could readily settle to my school. Located in an isolated rural area, International University of Japan have been commonly called by its students as “International University in Jungle” or “I and U in Jail.”

Actually this tale is true. While the Shinkansen officer announced that “soon we will arrive Urasa (the train station near my school),” my tear nearly dropped unconsciously because I did see my university surround by a ranges of mountains and forest. If it is not a jail, then it should be an abandoned forest. I feel so pity to myself when thinking of my two-year life in this area. Even worst, my first arrival to the school was welcomed by a green snake which quickly moved from side walk to grass field, and a number of frogs and scorpion who we might see them on our room?s wall, near our bed or even near the window.

In spite of this, I started to realize that life at IUJ is a precious moment of my life chapter. If it is a jail, it is just a jail in Paradise, if it is a jungle, it is just a jungle of love, friendship, and another great life test. It is not only the academic test, but also the test on how to live in diversity and multicultural community. Meeting a number of students from nearly 50 countries is just like we ourself traveling to these countries since we could learn and understand each other?s culture and their way of life. What a funny life is if we also need to queue in a crowded shared-kitchen waiting our turn to cook. Though the kitchen is small, it could accommodate a crowded chiefs who apparently talked to each other, yet we can hear different sound of languages and accents. From spicy to curry smell, we sometime shared food and party together at Cafe No Problem or our dorm lounge.

IUJ in early winter taken from my dorm’s window, photo taken by Sopheap Chak

Japan?s weather is changing quickly but there are four constant seasons which help us to release every moment when thinking back of our home. From hot summer to fall, a great start is seeing the first snow during winter, but it lasts long until we eagerly smile for spring.

IUJ in the mid of Sakura Bloosom, photo taken by Sopheap Chak

My two year stay in Japan is a great memory for me with all kind treatment from friends and Japanese community. Thank everyone for making great pages for my life chapter.


Hi, Sopheap,

It is great you can understand about life like that.

We cannot evaluate sth when just see it at the first time or in a short time. Otherwise the mistakes will come. As u mentioned IUJ is a jungle, jail or what?
It is depend on us to evaluate it. As u said IUJ stand for International University of Jungle but jungle in paradise. You can explain so well the meaning of jungle in paradise. I like it.
It is also a great experience to learn different cultures.
I like what you wrote in this text. I can understand the meaning of life from you too.
Many thanks for ur sharing a great experience.

Hope to see ur writing more.
Best Wishes:

I have lived at IUJ and near by for 21 years of my life, and love it all the time. So interesting is the IUJ community, so changing is the weather, so hearwarming are the friendships that I hope many choose to experiences IUJ – Jungle? Jail? How about Joy in Japan!

Gretchen, IUJ Class of 1989, and now on staff.

You gave me tears Sopheap…so touching and indeed IUJ is an awesome place, a paradise in a village. I miss all my sweet friends

Sopheap chan, indeed if IUJ is a jail, it is a wonderful jail in Paradise! I really miss this place and my loving friends…miss you

hehe pou pou,

Welcome back to digital world šŸ˜‰
Sure, it is very wonderful place where I have been missing it a lot now.

I am now back to Cambodia, if you would drop by, please let me know.


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