King Birthday–Trip to Indigenous Land

Camping and Community Event in Ratanakirri12-15 May 2007 Bordering Vietnam‘s central Highlands and Laos are the remote province of Ratanakiri, with thickly forested hilly terrain, hilltribe people, and abundant wildlife. Commercial enterprises in the region include logging, gem mining, and rubber plantations. Over 80{ada422a91571c9f32663835004e322394559eff300a971d9698e6f9db6bdae5e} of Ratanakiri’s population of 72,000 is classified as hilltribe, mainly Jarai,… Continue reading King Birthday–Trip to Indigenous Land

Human Rights Day-Trip to Takeo

I was so regret that I missed the community event in Takeo province as I was required to assist in organizing the 10 December 2006, Human Rights Day, for my center. Though, I was pleased to see some different aspects and high ranking officials’ involvement. Library: small but very comfortable Teacher, Let me answer!!! Ok,… Continue reading Human Rights Day-Trip to Takeo

Picture Evaluation

( For Fun) 1. Strongly agree 2. Agree 3. Disagree 4. Srongly disagree taken in front of a shop at Quebec city, Canada, June 16, 2007

Visak Bochea Day– Camping to Chrey Hophnov Mountain

The first camping event was organized to Chrey Hopnov Mountain, Kompong Speu province on Feb 03-04, 2006, Visak Bochea Day. At first, I was worried about gender balance as the trip would stay overnight. Based on Khmer culture, girls are restricted to stay outside overnight. But, I resisted and was ready to accept whatever amount… Continue reading Visak Bochea Day– Camping to Chrey Hophnov Mountain

Holocust Museum Visit

Holocust museum Visit museum itself was good. It does play role in (human rights) education. From perspective of Cambodia, where experienced genocide regime during 1970s, I could feel how people suffered from this Holocust. I could hardly believe that the same systematic genocides, which once took placed in Europe was happened again and again in… Continue reading Holocust Museum Visit

My First Labor Day: Trip to Kompong Speu

My first involvement in Community Event was at Kompong Speu.I believed the old saying that “the first experience is the most clumsy once”. After communicating with the primary school’s principle by phone, i had done the announcement to classmates and professors that the school we were going to visit named “Sdach Poun”, in khmer-The hidden… Continue reading My First Labor Day: Trip to Kompong Speu


Chum Reap Sou!!! Sou Sdey my dearest friends, “Working together for a better society” is a slogan kept in my mind. In my childhood, I feel I could not involve helping my society as my resource and effort is limited. However, now i started to realize that: Commitment and Collaboration is a key to achieve… Continue reading Untitled