Turtles Can Fly: How is that possible?

Turtles Can Fly [Lakposhtha ham parvaz mikonand] is an emotional, yet inspiring movie which the world leaders must watch it, so that their next decision to wage a war can be changed.

Imagine ourselves as an orphan is sad enough, but the refuge kids in the movie are more suffered for anticipating their fate in the upcoming US’s invasion into Iraq in 2003. Yet, the kids seemingly impressed about American’s value.? This even includes the ground mine made in America; the selling price would be higher (the kids earned their income by digging for ground mine to sell to officers or the market).

The sad part of this story is the young girl, Agrin, who apparently looks fine, yet her heart fulled of hatred and desperation due to the suffer from being rapped by military. This young girl, who should have enjoyed her time at school, friends, and family at her age, is taking care a toddler who is a reminder of her pain. Many occasion, she had tried to end herself and kid’s life, but the motherhood kept haunting her. Finally; however, she successfully fulfilled her goal. The break of family relationship, mother and child, is unbelievable, but it is possible due to the traumatization of war.

Beside the tragedy part, interestingly, “Turtles Can Fly” emphasizes the role of media in informing public about what will happen in their community, if not the world. ”Satellite,” a brave and smart kid, who help mobilizing orphans for income generation and life struggling, introduced to villagers the importance of access to media.

In the movie script, Satellite talked with an elder who did not believe that this kid can get the media shown in the village through the antenna and especially due to the local governor’s restriction:

The old man: I swearyou won’t ever get pictures in this viIIage with this antenna.

Satellite: I said you shouId buy a satellite.

The old man: A satellite! The village governor says the satellite is prohibited.

Satellite: Don’t say that! The sexy and dance channels are prohibited, not the news.

Maybe my sharing is not convincing enough, you can try yourself here:

This movie is not solely reflecting the tragedy of kids living near Iraqi-Turkish border, but the whole world where experienced the wars, genocide and political conflicts. As the country leaders, can you stop thinking of struggling for power, but peace?

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It is a good movie. People must watch it and stop war but seek the peace and development for its country and the world.
Thank you for recommending me to see this movie.

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